Freitag, 10. Juli 2015

#15 okay

I really dislike talking about things that bother or upset me, about my problems or sorrows.
Why do people always kind of judge my problems? Why does it feel as if my problems, as if my feelings aren't valid?

"This is silly."
"You can't consider this as a problem."
"Well, you have xy, so xyz shouldn't bother you at all!"
"Lucky you if this is your only problem."
"This is not a problem."
"Well, I'd like to have your problems."

When someone says this, I feel kind of worthless. I feel like my thoughts aren't even worth to be said out loud. It makes me regret telling others what annoys me, what upsets me, what maybe even makes me really, really sad, so sad that I'd prefer not to tell more details about it anyway.
There are lots of different problems, some of them affect you more, some affect you less but you shouldn't be afraid to consider the little things as problems too.

"But you are okay!"

Oh really, am I? How do others know what I am, how I feel? I'm not saying I'm not okay though. But I can have sorrows and problems without other people dying, my house getting either robbed or set on fire, a close person being diagnosed with an illness or someone getting hit by a car. Sure, these things are particulary sad but they don't make my sorrows less important.

"Other people have it worse."

There is always someone else who has it worse and we all know it. But this doesn't mean we cannot complain, we cannot be sad about stuff in our life or we cannot consider something as a problem.

Why do people forget that problems and sadness aren't a competition?

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