Freitag, 3. Juli 2015

#11 silly late night thoughts

There's one thing I really like about thunderstorms: the fact that you see them too, so that we think about the same thing at the same time.We both do the same thing without being together. And this thought is somehow comforting.  Yet I don't know how you feel about the storm, I don't know if you admire the art of nature or if you close the window and hide under a blanket.
And that's why I secretly wish you were here or I was where you are or we were somewhere else together. Basically, I just wanna be with you but I can't.
That's why I like thunderstorms; somehow I feel like we're connected. Of course, we aren't.
I kinda want the storm to pass because it'd make me forget you; I kinda want it to last forever so I can spend a giant amount of time just thinking about you.
But every storm will pass. And then? What remains that reminds me of you? Sure, we share the same sun, the same moon, we live under the same sky but that's not the same. I need storms to feel connected to you.raindrops keep fallin on my head

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