Samstag, 20. Juni 2015

#5 slowly drifting away...

It was a warm Friday evening and I decided to go out with a class mate. I like going out, it's fun and I love how I never know who I'll meet in the city/pub/club.
We talked and drank a lot. I enjoy talkative people; as much as I love talking, I also love listening to the stories others tell me. First we talked about school and other class mates, then about sports (we both don't like this fitness hype) and as the time flew by, our stories got more personal and that's what I love about Friday evenings. We changed the place after two hours and went to our favorite pub. Our whole school usually hangs out there on Fridays but (luckily) we didn't know anyone when we arrived. The music was loud  as always, yet it didn't stop us from talking even more. 
Not only I like listening to others, I also like looking at them when they talk; when they wave their hands to demonstrate something; when their facial expression goes from a smile to a more serious look. I like it when others repeat the same word or expression several times; when they talk so fast they swallow a word... Yeah, talking is just awesome!

When I returned from the bathroom, some other friends came in and they were so excited to see me, it made me so happy! They screamed "We've heard you passed your finals!" and then they hugged me, gave me high fives and it was a beautiful, cheerful moment. I felt like I haven't seen them for ages, actually I last saw them two weeks ago but that's another Friday-thing: people are always very excited to see other people/their friends/class mates. My friends briefly joined us and we talked about some things that had happened at our school, then they went outside and it was my class mate's turn to go to the bathroom. I was sitting at our tiny table, watching her bag, staring at the half-full wine glasses in front of me when the jukebox started to play "Waves" by Mr. Probz.

Suddenly, I felt alone even though I was surrounded by so many people in the pub. It felt as if there was only the music and all the other noises were turned off. The whole evening flashed through my head; my friends' laughter, their smiles, everything they said, everything that made me cheerful... And I realized that this will be gone so soon, I realized that I'll leave it all behind in a few weeks. Of course, I'll be back next year but everything will be different and I don't know how it will be. I was scared, I wanted the feelings to go away, I wanted my friend to come back from the bathroom as soon as possible. Every minute that passed while I was alone felt like forever.

When my class mate finally came back, it felt as if all the noises suddenly came back; I wasn't scared anymore and I continued to talk as if nothing had happened. Feelings are strange, aren't they?

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