Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

#20 when I met you in the summer

I had a very nice day two days ago. I watched some episodes of my guilty pleasure soap opera and then we had some delicious lunch - noodles, meat, mozzarella and tomatoes. It was so so so good but I wasn't that hungry because it was so hot. After lunch, I decided to watch some more episodes until my brother came around. He had texted me in the morning and told me that he'd come over.

I hadn't seen him for 3 weeks because he was in Sweden and I'm not at home either. It was really nice to spend some time with him. We ate melon popsicles in the garden, talking and waiting for the rain. It was so humid and we were lazy but time flew by fast and he had to leave for work again. I was alone in the evening which made me very happy because that meant that I could watch one of my favorite movies - Swimming Pool - on my own. I like watching movies on my own sometimes. Well, my brother texted me because he was able to leave his workplace earlier and he came over again. We watched the rest of the movie together (he usually doesn't watch French films so I was very surprised), played UNO while listening to music and when my father came home, we played some games together until midnight. It was so nice to spend a family day!! (don't ask me why I write this text in English, I just feel like writing in English at the moment, I don't know why.)

So I want to tell you more about Swimming Pool and what I love about it because I love this film so much, you couldn't believe it! It's about a British writer, Sarah, who spends the summer in the house of her publisher in the South of France. There she meets his daughter, Julie, a kinda slutty young woman. Sarah and Julie cannot stand each other but then something happens and they have to stick together so none gets in trouble. 
When I first saw it, I was 16 and I was confused. I was like "What the hell have I just watched?? What kind of ending is it?? I don't understand a single thing! Why are they naked all the time??? What's going on with them?? What is real in this film and what is just fantasy?"
Half a year later, I rewatched it because it was on TV and I was fascinated. I still am. I like this film so much. I love the two main characters and the way they (don't) get along, the book Sarah writes and how she gets inspired by Julie, the atmosphere, the fantastic ending (I'm not gonna say anything about it ;) ), the film music and the landscape. Yeah, especially that time, I was so in love with the landscape. I mean, South of France - how can anyone not love it? I just really wanted to go there that night, I wanted to swim a swimming pool, I wanted spend my time in cute villages, I just wanted to go to France so badly. I'm so impatient, I still have to wait 43 days until I fly to Nice.
Well, what I actually wanted to say: I love France so much, I can't really describe it but whenever I watch a French film like that one, I want to pack my suitcase and leave. 

As you can see in the pictures, I enjoy a very warm summer. It's even too hot to read, I haven't read a single one of my 10 new books yet. Tonight, I'll go to Walenstadt to watch the Titanic musical *-* I'm excited!

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